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Greatest Day Mindset

The FOCUS Journal

The FOCUS Journal

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The FOCUS Journal is designed to guide you and help create lasting change by assisting you to become more mindful of your inner power.

The guided format helps you set a powerful and intentional tone for the day by identifying areas of gratitude, personal accomplishments, self-affirmations, and personal reflection.

✍️ 90 days of entries

💭 Daily inspirational quote

🧘168 unique positive affirmations

🧭 126 creative journal prompts to guide your self-exploration

📝 Open journal page to let your imagination and expression create in a way that feels right to you in that moment

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Why the FOCUS Journal?

This journal was intentionally and methodically thought out and created by Craig T. Smith a Licensed Therapist and Coach who has been in the industry for over a decade. He has compiled his years of knowledge, research, and experience to create this powerful tool that has transformed the lives of hundreds of people who have used it.“The FOCUS Journal has been a life changer for me…I don’t go a day without it” “I love this journal! The Focus journal is like a fitness plan for my mental workout” “From the moment I was handed this journal I knew it was different, and I am a journal junkie!” These are just a few of the hundreds of reviews we have received on how this journal has transformed their lives!


  • "I love this journal! I feel like the focus journal is like a fitness plan for my mind. When I don’t have a plan in place for my physical fitness goals I tend to get distracted and quickly give up. The same thing happens when I try to journal on a blank sheet of paper. I can’t think of anything to write and give up. The focus journal for me is basically a fitness plan for a mental workout. I love that there is a guided plan to get my brain working and focusing on the important things (gratitude, victories, and positive affirmations)"

  • "This journal has been incredibly helpful for me. I thought it was going to be like all the other journals but in just 21 days I have noticed a lot of shifts on a daily basis. I point out more positives that happen and I end the day by congratulating myself for being more positive and responding better to certain situations. This is going to be the journal that sticks."

  • "I love this Journal! It is the perfect size and space to be direct and intentional with my thoughts. It is so well named because it really does help me focus! I love that it helps me refelct and dig without being overwhelming. I love the variety of included affirmations. It is crazy, the wonderful transformation that I have seen after using it daily, even just in the first 7 days. Anyone having a desire  for better focus, attitude, and positivity, will benefit from using this journal."

  • "I use my journal everyday! My favorite part is the affirmations. You really outdid yourself on this one!"

  • "It really has helped!! I am LOVING this journal. I already loved journaling but having it be focused and the questions to answer helps so much. I am a person who needs direction when journaling and this is just so perfect."

  • "I truly am so grateful for this journal. I feel like it's helping me become the person I've always wanted to be, the person I knew was hiding inside but didn't know how to get her out"

The FOCUS Journal in action